Video & Graphic Content

Social media content creators. Videos and graphics for all types of businesses and all types of posts.     

From start-ups to established businesses. 

Social media and video marketing is a must in today's world.

Go ahead and pick the services of your choice and witness the magic and uniqueness in your business.

Andre Dore


[email protected]

01604 372872

07305 764 909

Customer Testimonials


very good experience; Quick and kind responses - understands what you want and delivers top notch work. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him.

Sam. S

One of the best in the service. After trying so many gigs, this came out to be top notch


As I landlord with various properties I thought about video listings then I came across ADore Designs website via Social media and gave them a try. He worked with me very easily and we had no problems. Even our views have mentioned they prefer this type of format. Win Win. Thank you Andre.

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